There is no recipe for successful parenting!

The challenge of parenting in a modern society is enormous, given the diversity in culture and upbringing. You may have read or heard about children killing their parents in Germany in the last few years. You may also have read of children being taken from their parents and put in government care homes. Successful parenting calls for concern and should be given the necessary attention.

What is successful parenting? Does any parent give birth to a child without hoping to provide them with the best? Why do youth departments constantly take children away from families? What does God say about parenting? Why is parenting such a challenge in Germany? Where can parents seek help when they need parental support? How do parents balance work and family life? These and more will be the centre of this blog section- SUCCESSFUL PARENTING

First, I would like you to understand that there is no recipe for successful parenting. None at all! Children are a gift from God, and how you handle the gift determines the result. Often, gifts come packaged differently; some wrapped in sandpaper, others in plastic bags, and others just as it is. Despite the package, gifts are always special and our attitude determines what we get from it. The same goes with parenting. When children are born, they are as empty as a blank white piece of paper; whatever we write on that paper is what we get. 

This blog section will cover parenting topics from A – advising parents to Z – training zealous parents. We will have weekly subjects surrounding different aspects of parenting. Dear reader, as you read this page, I pray for a re-think and a renewal of your mind. A journalist once asked Albert Einstein, “What do you think is the problem of humanity?” He replied; “our problem is that we do not think”. 

I am sure that as you follow these articles, you will be inspired to think, “for as a man thinks, so is he”. I enjoin you to take transformative actions as you read and you will for sure be successful in the adventure of parenting. Enjoy reading and stay connected. 

God bless you and regards.

Vera Sompon