Learning from examples: the importance of shared experiences

Stories of life experiences are usually very educational and inspiring. Some people take the time to write down their stories while others simply narrate them verbally. It may be about a difficult time in life, an experience that changed the individual’s way of thinking or a testimony of God’s miraculous intervention. Looking around your community, you will surely find a number of people who are excelling in one area of life or another. At first sight, it may appear as if these individuals never encountered the challenges confronting others. However, many who are standing out today have faced daunting situations, which were seemingly insurmountable. However, they sailed through.

The story of the great awakening and revival through the ministry of Charles G. Finney is one of the most documented stories of the 19th century. The story portrays unprecedented success and groundbreaking achievement in evangelistic ministry. Was it all smooth sailing? Of course not. Until about 30, Charles Finney was unconverted and did not attend church regularly. At a point in his life, he became very concerned about his eternal destiny and started seeking God seriously through prayer and Bible reading. This was difficult for him because he was ashamed of letting people see him reading the Bible or praying for the salvation of his soul. He will later become one of the greatest revivalist in history. How did it happen? Simply put, through God’s divine help, he overcame unbelief, pride and shame. His biography still inspires and stirs many to seek God and do exploits for the kingdom of God. You too can overcome all your challenges and excel in your domain. Be it in academics, business, engineering, or Christian Ministry.

This section of our blog is devoted to stirring you up to success in your area. It will feature weekly articles narrating striking life experiences geared towards inspiring forward thinking and successful living. Each week will bring a new story with a new inspiration and motivation for you. Watch out for stimulating and rousing stories in this section of the blog. You will surely be blessed.

Tem Donald