Great Peace

Deep Peace

Peace from the inside that nothing from the outside can take away…

The “peaceful waters” is a great place to be but how do I get there? For a long time, I have lived by the troubled waters that I don’t really know what it means to have true peace.

…but I guess it’s now time to find out…

Of course, we all or most of us will agree that the best time to have peace is now because: 

What is life without peace?

Can we enjoy wealth without peace?

Is there even health without peace?

Is there even a true source of peace?

questions… questions…. more questions….

Let’s begin with the first step. For it is time to step into true health (health of the mind, body, soul & of course spiritual health as well).

True health begins with Internal Peace.

It is not about what is around, it is more about what is within…

As we pause on this for the moment, take time to look inside: What are the things in me that has deprived me of perfect peace?

Only Jesus, the Prince of Peace can lead us along as we step into this journey of discovery. I want to know Him who is called the Prince of Peace…well, what about you?

…why not get to know him? “Well, there’s always time to start…” yes, true and that is: now.

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