The Path to Purpose

At age 10, I knew I will become a Lawyer, Journalist and/or a Pedagogist. At 22 while in Germany, I got carried by the wind and found myself in Economics IT. After half a day at the university I dropped out for 6 months.  It was time to re-think and reflect on my purpose, calling, and the essence of my existence.

After this time, I went back to the university and explained to the secretary what I wanted to do in life. After listening to me, she suggested I study social work and pedagogy.

I became the first African-Cameroonian Diaspora to study social work/pedagogy in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. My fellow African-Cameroonians mocked me. They claimed I will never get a job in that field. My response was ” if I don’t get a job, then I will create one”.

Three days after my final exams, I was called to work with a renowned company as a pedagogist.  I worked in this company (with parents and children) for3 years. However, my passion to help, empower and train pushed me further to start up my organization. Thirteen years after, I have created jobs for myself and others.

Hence, you can be what you set your heart to be. I am a lawyer, self-made Journalist, passionate social worker, and pedagogist. And my husband says ” I am the iron that has become gold”.

Give your children the space to be what they are called to be. Help them find their real purpose.  All Glory to God. What people don’t know is, my husband and I have dedicated our time too for the work of God. This is a story of a Diaspora who believe all things are possible!

This is part one. To be continued according to the leading of the Spirit.

Vera Sompon