Finding yourself

Seid Visin was an Ethiopian by birth, who was later adopted by an Italian couple at the age of seven. He moved to Italy to pursue his dream of becoming one of the best footballers in the country. Like every young go-getter, he enrolled and played in the youth academy of Benevento and AC Milan, both in Italy. He had a few encounters with racial prejudice in the past, regarding his race which affected his personality and his love for himself. He once wrote, “I’m ashamed to be black”. In another post, he also wrote “Wherever I go, I feel the weight of people’s skeptical, disgusted and scared looks on me. I am not an immigrant … remember that everyone loved me.” Sadly, some years later, at age 20, Seid was found dead in his apartment in Campania, Italy. The authorities confirmed it was a suicide. What could have led to this? The prevalent notion is that he had a long internal struggle with depression because of the racial prejudice he encountered. He probably could not find himself in the midst of all the prejudices he faced. This call for a solemn reflection on the subject of knowing who we are: getting to know our personality, ingenuity, purpose, capacity, potential and uniqueness.

Knowing is what leads to acceptance, acceptance leads to development and continuous development is what keeps us going. We must search and find ourselves. We need to know what makes us unique. Knowing our capacity gives us peace of mind and peace with who we are. This inward peace helps us to appreciate and accept our personality. We know that we are a person of value, a change agent and that our conscious involvement in the things around us can change lives and influence the world around us. Knowing we can, gives us the courage to go through the pain of transformation that development brings. It helps us to live with a sense of purpose through which the sense of meaninglessness of life we feel is changed to something meaningful. Knowing your maker is the first step towards knowing yourself. God, our maker desires a personal relationship with everyone. Through this relationship, God helps us to find ourselves and become who He designed us to be. Access to God is possible through his Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “come unto me……”1. He also said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me2Accepting his invitation, will give you a revelation about the Father and an insight into your future. This section of the blog called “IDENTITY” will focus on helping you find yourself in the world. It will feature various articles designed to meet every need of your personality no matter your status, age, upbringing, culture, race, gender and social class. In our subsequent posts, we will talk more about finding meaning in life and fulfilling purpose, self-discovery, treasures in a vessel of clays and many more. Until our next post, thanks for reading.

1 – Matt. 11:28

2 – John 14:6