The secret of perfect health and wealth

You are welcome to this wonderful section of our blog titled: “Health and Wealth”. We will be featuring insightful and inspiring series in this section that will elicit an illumination on the secrets of health and wealth in your life. As we start this interesting journey, we will take just one-step at a time. Starting from the bottom of the ladder, our very first step will be discovering inner peace.

But what exactly is inner peace?”

To this, I give no direct answer but hopefully, at the end of this series, if you follow through, you will be able to experience and practically understand what inner peace means. I hope you are ready – let’s begin! 

“Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them1.” is a strategic verse in the holy writs with salient truth on how to attain peace. One major secret to health is internal peace. Well, many will agree with this but there is something else – the secret or rather one major secret to wealth is internal peace. Internal peace does not only produce health but releases in you the capacity and ideas to produce solutions that then leads to wealth.

Back to the question: What is internal peace?

The lines of this first blog post will fail to describe in detail the meaning of internal peace, but I will provide something to begin with – Internal peace is the sweet stillness that comes to the heart through meditation on the words of the creator – God Almighty. His words will lighten up your soul, clear up your mind and release immense treasures from the fullness of his abundance. It is like a flowing stream, calm and pure, underneath which are undiscovered treasures.

How do I get to this place of perfect peace?

Well, it is simple- “He leadeth me beside the STILL WATERS2.”

The fundamental question is will you (yes you) allow Emmanuel (The Lord Jesus) to lead you?  It is time to drink from the still waters: take the first step and ask the Lord Jesus himself to be your Shepherd.

Is this really the step to take, can’t I find peace within myself?

We will discuss this question in the next blog and many hidden truths will gradually unfold. It will be a pleasure to share with you again. Stay tuned for the next post!

  1. Psalm 119:165 – The Holy Bible (KJV)
  2. Psalm 23:2